Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby Harry Potter Shoes

I've created another pair of Harry Potter Shoes - this time with cute little kids shoes!  Baby Hedwig and Baby Harry with a snitch sit ont he front, with a silhouette of Hogwarts on the sides an a lightning bolt on the back!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

China Study Abroad!

Phew!  I just finished transferring my blog posts over to this blog, backdated to when they were written, plus added some entries that I never got to posting!  So take a look at the past few posts on here if you missed them while I was abroad for the summer and are interested!

I got a big Totoro while in China. It's Awesome.

I also have all the photos I posted on here, plus some more on my Picasa: click here to check it out!

China: Beijing - The Great Wall

This was my last day in China - a 10k hike on the Great Wall of China.  It doesn't need a single word so here we go:

China: Beijing - Forbidden City

The morning after arriving in Beijing, Elise and I meet up with Ben and his wife (who flew in the night before) to explore the Forbidden City and the surrounding area.  Of course, we visited Tiananmen Square.

We then moved on to the Forbidden City (which is right across the street).  

Although it was cool to think "Hey, I've seen this in a few movies and now I'm actually here!", I was overwhelmed by the amount of people.  So, I turned it into my own little contest of "Let's see how many nice pictures I can take without people in them"

oh no! there is a person in this one :(

Afterwords, Elise and I explored the area around our hostel.  It was an adorable little alley way full of the type of cute things I love - an Ali Alley!  Okay, yes, I'm a dork... but it was true!  Sadly, I didn't take pictures of it... While in Beijing I was becoming dazed from traveling so much and ready to head home!

China: Beijing - Temple of Heaven

After stowing our luggage at the hostel were Elise and I were staying at in Beijing together, Elise, Ben and I went to Explore Temple of heaven.  They had beautiful buildings and gardens - I just had to pretend I didn't know that the temple was once for animal sacrifices! 

I was pretty exhausted after the traveling and walking around Beijing, so if my memory serves me right [I am writing this months after I returned!], Elise and I went back to hostel to rest.

That evening we went to a pretty neat acrobatics show - however having been to Cirque du Soleil, I have to be honest and say that although it was impressive, it wasn't nearly as amazing.