Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Favorite Things - ABCs

Not going to lie, my mom did this on her blog a while back, so i'm kind of copying her. it's nice to list the things that make you happy though.

A : almonds, avacados
B : being barefoot, bears, bananas, blueberries, my brothers
C : Chloe (my cat), candles, chocolate, cinnamon, clean lakes, cheese
D : down comforter, downhill skiing, drawing
E : entertainment
F : fireplaces, freshly baked baked-goods, fresh air
G : ginger, garlic, gardens, green things
H : honey crisp apples, herbal tea, hugs, harry potter
I : ice tea
J : juice boxes
K : kittens, Kopps, kiwi fruit
L : lemons, limes, lavender, lakes
M : mint tea, mint in general, my mom, massages, mittens, music, markers
N : new socks, naked juice, ninjas
O : oceans
P : pumpkin bread/pie/etc., pies, peaches, piano playing, photography, painting, pudding, pandora radio
Q : my quilt, quietness
R : raspberries, rain, rhubarb
S : Sprecher rootbeer/gingerale, strawberries, salmon, storms, smartwool socks, snow
T : thunderstorms
U : [new] underwear
V : vanilla
W : woods and wilderness, winter, water, webcomics
X : X-ray films (seriously, they are cool, ok?)
Y : yelling happily (only when i do it, other people can be annoying, haha)
Z : zero stress

perhaps not raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens... and ignore the fact that half of those are food, including some that i can't eat, being vegan and all, haha

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