Sunday, May 30, 2010

China: Hangzhou - May 30th

Today started with a hike up the huge hill behind campus - when I say hike however, I mean going up 700+ stairs!

After a little break from the millions of stairs, a group of us went down to a shopping area of town on the opposite wide of West Lake (campus is on the northwest side).  After waling around for a few hours, we saw this pagoda and decided we wanted to go check out -- so more stairs!

It was gorgeous up there!  Pictures cannot even begin to show how amazing it was, but i took them anyways of course!


me and Elise

After walking back down, we headed closer to the lake to see it when it's nice out, not cloudy and foggy like yesterday.  The park we walked in was wonderful.

It was pretty epic, just like this picture of Will

We finally made our way back to campus, slowly bus surely, finally getting a taxi.  I was exhausted when I got back, after hiking 8-9:30 and then 11-7!  My legs were about to fall off.

Classes start tomorrow, so I might now be posting as much as I have been because I will actually have to do work and not just exploring!  I doubt anyone would want pictures or descriptions of my homework.

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