Saturday, May 29, 2010

China: Hangzhou - West Lake

Today we explored Hangzhou a little bit.  We split into three groups and explored the city for 3-4 hours.  My group went to the downtown-ish area near West lake.  The lake as a path all the way around (though I'm not sure how far around it is, but it's big!)

Part way down we decided to rent some bikes - it was a blast, though a little crazy!  There are so many people, bikes, cars, etc. everywhere!  It was the best bike ride I've EVER been on.  With the adrenaline of being in a new place and flying down the paths, you just had to be there to really understand.

So a few people have asked me what my dorm is like - it's pretty tiny.  It is about as wide as I am tall.

Here is where I'm sitting right now - at my desk.  To the right is a closet and shelving where i have all of my stuff: 

Behind me is the door and bed, nothing to exciting!

I also have my own little bathroom.  Like some of the shower I encountered in France, there is no tube - just a drain on the floor.  The ones in France were always slanted towards the drain, but this one doesn't so my whole bathroom gets extremely wet when i take a shower.  At least I have a western style toilette and not a squatter!

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