Friday, May 28, 2010

China: Shanghai - Yu Garden

Hey everyone!

On the second day we were in Shanghai we went to Yu Garden.  It was extremely beautiful.  I wont say much about it, I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

After Yu Gardent, we had some time to walk around the shops near there.  We then headed to the river that divides Shanghai.   What amused me is on one side of the river, it looks very space-age, while the other is romanesque!

We finally began our way to Hangzhou after lunch.  The campus is really nice, though I haven't really been here long enough to know my way around.  Me and a few other students found our way to the "Trustmart" which is just like Walmart (and I dont feel as bad buying there since everything is made here too, haha).

Food thus far as been interesting.  As far as I know I've been able to remain vegan (though its impossible to know for sure).  Things are a lot greasier and saltier than I expected.  So far I've been having a lot of rice, cabbage and broccoli.

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