Wednesday, May 26, 2010

China: Shanghai - World Expo

I'm in China!

I flew into Shanghai late last night - not the best flight in the world.  Two hour delay, plus i got food poisoning from Delta Airlines (though they were nice enough to have a special vegan meal for me, who knows how long it was sitting around) before even arriving in China!  Let's just say that the last ten hours of my flight were anything but pleasant. For the first time ever, those barf bags weren't funny.

I woke up at 5:00 AM this morning, wide awake - feeling fine thankfully.  Elise (also from Madison on this study abroad adventure with me) and I  got to go walk around the park that's across the street from our hotel here in Shanghai.

Here is our view during the day/night:

There were TONS of people dancing and doing tai chi in the park - it was amusing.  We are also by a big soccer stadium, where I believe a game is taking place while I type this.  I keep hearing cheering.

After our walk and breakfast, we joined the rest of our group and went to the World Expo.  The actual exhibitions were actually rather disappointing, however the buildings themselves were BEAUTIFUL.  Here are some of the pavilions I thought were cool.




I'm pretty exhausted from all the walking (the Expo area is HUGE) and from waking up so early.  After another morning in Shanghai, we are heading off to Hangzhou (2-3 hour bus ride) where I will be living for the majority of this trip.  I may not have internet for a while, because I will have to get it set up in the dorm.

Hope all is well in the USA!

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